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Investing in
Our Students

Your support creates a lifetime of opportunities for students.

Your gift to the Education at Illinois Scholarship Fund makes attending Illinois accessible and affordable while ensuring we attract and retain the best students.

Donors hold the key to an Illinois degree.

Help us maintain a legacy of excellence by recruiting talented students from underrepresented backgrounds. Incoming students offered scholarships are more likely to accept admission. Enrolled students who receive scholarships are more likely to complete their education.

Education at Illinois Scholarship Fund

Despite the various challenges today’s students face when it comes to tuition, the College receives a steady stream of passionate students who want to become leaders and teachers in schools worldwide. They want to teach to prepare today’s youth’s for tomorrow’s opportunities. They want to inspire all learners to reach their highest potential. And they want to ensure any investments we make today in our youth will yield countless dividends when they are citizens of the world tomorrow.

To continue to attract the best and brightest students to our College, we must invest in them. Every dollar counts—it’s the one commitment that has always reaped the greatest return: an education.

Shaping Trey's Education at Illinois Experience

Student Funding Opportunities

William Chandler Bagley Scholarship

William Chandler Bagley scholarships are funded by friends of the College designated to support outstanding undergraduate and graduate students as Bagley Scholars. Scholarships are by academic merit, professional experience, public service, and commitment to the field of Education. William Chandler Bagley served as the director of the school of Education starting in 1909 and left a legacy of supporting formal training and experience as a priority to promote good educational practice.

Education at Illinois Scholarship Fund

Education at Illinois scholarships are funded by friends of the College and designated to support undergraduate and graduate students with financial need. Scholarships are awarded to students needing additional financial support to attend Illinois. Students are chosen based on their applications materials and demonstrated need from those applications.

Funds for Excellence

The fund for excellence is supported by friends of the College. These funds are unrestricted and used at the discretion of the Dean of the College to support the most pressing needs of the College. These funds allow the Dean to address these needs in a timely manner and move forward initiates identified throughout the academic year.

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