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Spring 2019 | EPS 420 Sociology of Education—Space Available!

by (Professor Bernice M. Barnett) / Jan 15, 2019

EPOL Social Foundations in Education Course for Masters and LES Students

EPS 420 Sociology of Education, Tuesday, 1-2:50pm, Room 323 Educ Bldg

4-Hours Credit EPS 420 section A Graduate Students: crn #33100

3-Hours Credit EPS 420 section B Undergraduate Students: crn #64898


EPS 420 Sociology of Education can be used to fulfill the EPOL social foundations requirement for Master’s students and advanced hours requirements for Learning and Education Studies (LES) Undergraduate students. EPS 420 is a sociological examination of education and schooling in society, including major sociological theories, concepts, assumptions, questions, research, and on-going and current issues/debates related to education/schooling and race/gender/class diversity in educational achievement. One of the highlights is an examination of the impact of high school and college student-led protests on campuses (such as the Mexican American high school walk-outs and the free speech movement at University of California at Berkeley) and the impact and legacy of major 1960s social movements (such as African American, Mexican American, Asian American, Native American civil rights, women/feminist, student anti-war/Vietnam protests, special education, disability rights, LGBTQ, language minority rights, immigrant and migrant farm worker rights, anti-poverty) on American education/schooling today.