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Ed Psych scholar Jennifer Cromley Recognized as Lead Contributor to Field

by the College of Education at Illinois / Oct 8, 2018

Professor Jennifer Cromley

From 2009 to 2016, Educational Psychology scholar Jennifer C. Cromley was one of the top-producing female authors, editors, and editorial board members in her field, according to a paper in the journal Educational Psychology Review.

Cromley and the 22 other educational psychologists who were recognized in the piece collectively had 161 published articles in educational psychology journals. “By most standards of scholarly productivity,” the paper reads, “these women are highly accomplished contributors to the field.”

In all, Cromley contributed to 21 articles during the time period of the study and was a first author in one piece. Of those articles, seven were published in the five peer-reviewed “targeted” journals gauged in the study, which were Cognition and Instruction, Contemporary Educational Psychology, Educational Psychologist, Educational Psychology Review, and Journal of Educational Psychology.

Cromley said all seven of the articles in the targeted journals had graduate students as authors. Four of those articles, she said, had students as first authors, two of which were dissertations.

“It feels wonderful for all of us to receive this recognition,” Cromley said.

The abstract of the study noted that the top-producing women in educational psychology have less seniority, on average, in the field than their male counterparts. Male authors also have more publications, on average, and more sole authorships and first authorships compared to female authors, the study found.

“No discernible progress has been made by women in terms of editorial board memberships or editorships since 2004,” it says at the end of the abstract.

Professor Cromley was recognized in 2016 by the same publication as one of the top 20 most published educational psychologists in the world.