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Professor believes robots can augment future workforce but won’t replace employees

by Jennifer Fallon / Mar 16, 2016

Chad Lane

New technology is on the horizon that could lighten the load for those who care for the elderly. As promising, however, as a robot such as Nadine may be—it can interact in real-time and respond with positive and negative emotions—robotic caregiving has a long way to go, according to Dr. H. Chad Lane, an associate professor in the Department of Educational Psychology.

Lane said robots such as Nadine are a natural outgrowth of a world awash in technology: “You probably use Siri or the Google equivalent," Lane said in an interview with Jennifer Fallon of HealthZette. "That is a form of social interaction. You see people making jokes and asking questions, taking social tendencies and applying them to a machine."

Robots are meant to augment the workforce Lane believes, not replace employees: "Replacing humans is the movie version. The reality is there are not enough teachers, not enough doctors, not enough caregivers. How can we make sure technologies are meeting human needs?"

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