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Weighing in on the new iteration and limitations of College Scorecard

by Dr. Eboni M. Zamani-Gallaher / Oct 7, 2015

Dr. Eboni Zamani-Gallaher

My hope is that revisiting the College Scorecard will lead to not excluding part-time and transfer students.

Recently, the Obama administration reintroduced the College Scorecard, with the president noting that the new version was "designed with input from those who will use it the most—students, families, and counselors."

As I noted in a recent blog post for Huff Post, the College Scorecard endeavors to provide those who are college-bound with institutional data to make informed decisions in selecting which college to attend based on factors such as costs and completion rates.

Still, there is a wrinkle considering the way in which completion is calculated, and what colleges get credit for student completion has continually been dicey. For example, which students are counted and what types of institutions get credit for degree conferral has always presented limitations.

President Obama shared that in the coming weeks the administration will be listening to suggestions and will work to improve the Scorecard based on feedback from parents, students, counselors, and colleges. If the administration seeks to help consumers make fully informed college choices, revisiting the Scorecard in such a way that it doesn't exclude part-time students, transfer students, or the benefits of industry-recognized credentials is welcomed.

Read my full blog post in Huff Post.

Photo by L. Brian Stauffer