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Elizabeth Van Es Lecture

Champaign , USA
22 Education Building

22 Education Building

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Event Type: Lecture

Speaker Information: Professor Elizabeth Van Es, University of California, Irvine

Developing Awareness of Our Noticing:
Expanding and Disrupting Teachers’ Noticing for Equitable Mathematics Instruction

Professor Elizabeth Van Es
University of California, Irvine

For two decades, my research has focused on theorizing mathematics teacher noticing and designing and studying learning environments to support pre-service and in-service teachers’ developing their noticing for mathematics instruction. In this talk, I will share recent research from the CoATTEND (Community and Teacher Teams Investigate Equitable Noticing and Dispositions) research collaborative. This collaborative research team, consisting of a group of middle and high school mathematics teachers, community youth educators, and university researchers/ teacher educators has worked together for four years to advance theory on teacher noticing for equity and to co-design a professional learning model to support mathematics teachers’ noticing for equity. I will describe the collaborative research model, and how this model supported the research team generating theory of teacher noticing for equity. I will then turn to describe the professional development model the research collaborative designed and share preliminary analysis of participating mathematics teachers’ emerging insights through participation in this program.

Contact: Sarah McCarthey