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Trauma-Informed Education, Certificate of Specialization Program, Info Session - Education at Illinois, Online Programs

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Launching a new online Certificate of Specialization (COS) program in Trauma-Informed Education (TIE)! Join us to learn more! 


Date: June 1st at 12pm CT 

Event Type: Informational  

Presenters: Catherine Corr (Faculty), Michaelene Ostrosky (Faculty), and Jessica Hardy (Faculty) 

What will be covered during this info session? 

During this session you will learn about:  

  • The new online Certificate of Specialization program in Trauma-Informed Education offered by the department of Special Education 

  • Eligibility, program structure, and admissions  

  • Career Implications 

What is this certificate program about? 

The online certificate program in Trauma-Informed Education (TIE) will prepare you to identify and implement trauma-informed practices in education settings. The coursework consists of content related to: 

  • trauma-informed education,  

  • child development, and  

  • researching solutions to issues of everyday practice in education such as behavior, academics, classroom management, strengths-based approaches to support, and individualization.  

Who should attend? 
This certificate program will be relevant for individuals who: 

  • are interested in understanding how trauma impacts child development, behavior, and educational experiences.  

  • would like to learn about the principles of trauma-informed care and how to apply them in educational settings.  

  • are interested in enhancing their teaching skills to be supportive of children who have experienced trauma.

 Upon completion of this program, you will be able to: 

  • Evaluate the impact of trauma on child development 

  • Understand the complex relationship between trauma and disability 

  • Modify existing learning environments to become trauma-informed 

  • Facilitate self-care practices and reflection opportunities in everyday education practices  

  • Research and design practical solutions to issues related to trauma in education  

Students completing this certificate program can apply the course credits earned towards a master’s or a doctorate program upon admission to those programs. 

Sponsor: Education at Illinois – Online Programs  

Please note all event times are in CT.