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Black & Latino Men's Summit 2021

Champaign , USA


Event Type: Seminar/Symposium

Speaker Information: Keynote Speakers include Dr. Royel M. Johnson & Dean Ivan Favila

Circumstance, like matter, is neither created nor destroyed: it is simply shaped differently as time progresses and society changes. In recent times, there have been both political and systemic factors that have emphasized the struggles our communities have faced and the necessity of change. It is because of this the theme for the 2021 Black and Latinx Men’s Summit (BLMS) is Mending our Past and Present to Forge a Brighter FutureThis theme is understanding of the traumas that communities of color in the United States have faced both historically and contemporarily. It is also cognizant of the strides we are taking each day to heal our wounds and better prepare us for the next change in our circumstances. By creating this space, we hope others will join us in exploring the landscape of our communities and finding ways to make us stronger as a collective.

Cost: Free

Contact: UIUC Black Lives Matter