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2019 AERA Annual Meeting: Toronto, ON, Canada

Champaign , USA
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Event Type: Conference/Workshop

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The 2019 AERA Annual Meeting, based in the vibrant multicultural city of Toronto and in the country of Canada, known more for political cooperation than partisan squabbles, is an opportunity to assess the state of education research. It is also an opportunity to explore how our work can help overcome the challenges of our time by becoming more relevant to communities, practitioners, and policy makers who believe in democratic principles and the public schools that should sustain those principles.

Multiple subthemes can be derived from this year’s theme that connect with the research interests and agendas of many AERA members and others participating in our Annual Meeting.  A few examples include:

1.   The relationship between a “post-truth” politics and the exacerbation of racial, class, and gender inequality in education policy and practice from pre-K through higher education.

2.   Strategies to address the marginalization of the empirical research and knowledge of our field to ensure that it informs the development of professionals and their practice.

3.   The relationship between the measures used to evaluate students, educators, schools, universities and workforce development in a standardized-test-driven system and the evidence on developmental psychology, culturally relevant ways of knowing, and the racial hierarchy that too often defines our field.

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Contact: Amy Summers