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Literacies in the Era of Pervasive Visuality: Reflections on the 'Multisynopticon,' Petrilson Pinheiro

Champaign , USA
333 Education Building

333 Education Building

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The presentation by Petrilson Pinheiro at the College of Education at Illinois will reflect on the literacy practices of the current era of “multisynopticon.”

Speaker: Petrilson Pinheiro

This presentation aims to discuss in theoretical terms the current socio-historical moment in which not only the few watch the many (Bentham’s “Panopticon”), and the many watch the few (the mass media “Synopticon”), but also, at the same time, the many watch the many all over the world through the Internet (a phenomenon that I term the “Multisynopticon”). The presentation seeks to reflect on the literacies practices of the current era of “Multisynopticon.” Changes brought by Web 2.0 provide an opportunity both to think about crucial transformations for knowledge(s) in more heterarchical dialogues, and to rethink particularly the meaning of literacies. I will discuss two empirical classroom experiences: the first one is the analysis of some final works of undergraduate students in a teacher education course at State University of Campinas, Brazil, in 2016; the second one is some of the results of a qualitative analysis of a peer review process carried out in an e-learning environment for one College of Education online graduate course. Both research experiences show that it is possible to adopt a critical stance in relation to patterns, judgments, and actions in and through new literacies, and to provide practices of participatory learning in which learners act as knowledge producers, and not only as knowledge consumers. These features constitute the mindset of the Multisynopticon and play a key role in the processes of emancipation and the formation of critical students and future teachers.

Cost: Free

Contact: Laura Ketchum