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Lecture by Dr. Marta Teperek on Research Data Management at Cambridge

Champaign , USA
Commons at Grainger Library (Second Floor); 1301 W. Springfield Ave., Urbana

Commons at Grainger Library (Second Floor); 1301 W. Springfield Ave., Urbana

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Dr. Marta Teperek will give a lecture on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus on July 14, 2017.

Event Type: Lecture

Speaker Information: Dr. Marta Teperek

How to make research data services work? How to create successful services which will be useful to the academic community? Dr. Marta Teperek will talk about her experience leading the development of research data services in Cambridge. She will talk about the Cambridge strategy for service development and innovation, including the initial failed attempt to get the research community engaged. She will then explain specific undertaking which allowed Cambridge to become more democratic and to better engage both researchers and staff. The talk will conclude with short reflections into what worked in Cambridge, what did not go so well and what could have been done differently.


Dr. Marta Teperek did a PhD in molecular biology at the University of Cambridge. Having first-hand experience of problems that researchers face on a day-to-day basis, with the journals’ impact factor, and not the quality of the research process, dictating the future of their academic career, Marta decided to get professionally involved in advocating for Open Research and for better reproducibility in science. In 2015 she joined the University of Cambridge and led the creation and development of the Research Data Management Facility, supporting researchers at the University of Cambridge in good management and sharing of research data. While at Cambridge, Marta initiated and overseen the Data Champions programme and the Open Research Pilot. In August 2017 Marta will move to TU Delft in Netherlands, where she will lead the Research Data Stewardship project.

Cost: Free

Contact: Heidi Imker217-300-3513