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How Did Teachers and Teacher Education Lose the Profession, and How Do We Get it Back?

Champaign , USA

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Experts from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction will discuss:

  • What might teaching look like, if rather than being told what to do, all teachers were adequately prepared with political knowledge to successfully navigate their work contexts?  
  • How can teacher educators resist increased corporatization of teacher preparation?
  • How can professional development take into account teachers’ knowledge about teaching, their students, and their schools in meaningful ways?

Gloriana González is an Associate Professor in Math, Science and Engineering Education.  She has been designing a professional development model that supports teacher agency through collaboration as part of an NSF-funded grant.  She will contrast the model with traditional professional development programs and discuss how the model promotes teacher professional knowledge.

Rochelle Gutiérrez is a Professor in Math, Science and Engineering Education.  She has been leading an NSF grant where she has provided opportunities for teachers to develop the knowledge and stance to be effective advocates for their students. She will talk about the work she has been doing to support teachers to use creative insubordination in their everyday practice.

Marilyn Johnston-Parsons is a Professor in Curriculum, Aesthetics and Teacher Education.  She and doctoral students teaching in the elementary program have been studying the ways in which a new teacher licensure test (edTPA) has influenced the program. They found a narrowing of the curriculum and test-preparation practices that they did not expect to find.

Parsons with Stephanie Cronenberg, Dori Harrison, Alexis Jones, Stacey Korson, Natasha Murray & Michael Parrish

Panel discussion moderated by Dr. Chris Higgins

**Light lunch will be provided


Free and Open to the Public


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