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The Forum on the Future of Public Education Presents: Webinar/Seminar on the Marketization and Privatization in Education Seminar Series

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Frank Adamson & Björn Åstrand (Jan 26, Tue, 12pm-1pm, PST) 


We will present key ideas from our forthcoming book - Global Education Reform: How Privatization and Public Investment Influence Education Outcomes - which offers a comparative analysis of policies and outcomes in countries pursuing either market-based, privatizing or government-based, public investment approaches to education. The book spans six countries organized into threegeographically proximatepairs: 1) Chile and Cuba, 2) Sweden and Finland, and 3) Canada and the United States. Each pair contains one country trending towards privatization while the other employs a public investment approach. Authors from each country (except for Cuba) provide individual case studies. We will synthesize these in framing (introductory) and comparative chapters that reveal the higher levels of equity and outcomes occurring in countries using the public investment approach to education. 

Bio: Frank Adamson currently studies the effects of different political and economic approaches to education on student experiences and their performance in schools. In the U.S., he researches the impacts of charter schools and portfolio districts on students, teachers, and communities. Internationally, Frank compares strategies of privatization and public investment in national education systems. Previously, he has published on the adoption of assessments of deeper learning and 21st century skills at the state, national, and international levels, as well as on teacher salary differences between districts and within metropolitan labor markets in New York and California. Frank earned his Ph.D. in International Comparative Education from Stanford University and began his career in education as an English teacher.

Björn Åstrand is dean for teacher education and educational sciences at Karlstad University, Sweden. He pursued a secondary teacher career in 1980s followed by teaching history at Umeå University in 1990s. He served as dean from 2005 to 2011 for teacher education and educational sciences at Umeå University. He has been vice chair of the Swedish association for deans in teacher education and he has chaired the network on Teacher Education Policy in Europe (TEPE). He has been active in advancement of teacher education in specific areas as advancing the scientific foundations for teacher education, internationalisation, quality assurance, and use of ICT. In 2007 he was appointed to a governmental expert committee proposing a revised model for Swedish teacher education and in 2015 the government assigned him to an expertise group for the improvement of the Swedish School system. He earned his PhD in history from Umeå University in 2000 and was a visiting scholar at Stanford University in 2012. His current research is focused on educational history, democracy and values, and teacher education.

If you are attending in person, please come to Scarfe 308A, University of British Columbia, Vancouver campus, from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm (Pacific Standard Time) on Tuesday, January 26, 2016.

If you are joining the webinar, please go to and click “Join meeting” as a participant and enter Meeting ID: 305154344

Please join us at 12:20pm so that we can ensure everyone’s audio and video work properly. Also, please (1) mute your microphone, (2) turn off your video feed, and (3) do not share screen. If you would like to ask questions or need technical assistance, please use the 'CHAT' typing function.

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