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The Urgency of Now: A Clear Call to Action - 10th Annual COE Graduate Student Conference

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Education is often viewed as something for the future, whether it is preparing learners for some future goal or the always evolving educational landscape based on new and developing technological advances. But what about educators and learners now? Some areas of need are too important to wait. When is silence or inaction harmful? Who is affected by our current educational policies and what changes are needed today? How might current research improve education and learning environments today? What might the field of education do to create safe spaces for our learners? How can the past inform what we do today? How can we as educators and researchers collaborate across digital, physical, disciplinary, and methodological borders to respond to this call to action?

The 2019 College of Education Graduate Student Conference is calling for scholarship that addresses these questions both nationally and globally. Submitters are invited, but not required, to address one or more of the following issues relating to education:

           Teacher perspectives and challenges to public education

           Education’s influence on our understanding of global issues

           Public education and equal access to education for all

           Historical perspectives that inform current educational issues

           Technology, innovation, and other approaches that foster change

           Social justice perspectives relating to gender, race, class, abilities, etc.

           Citizenship status, migration, and combating marginalizing forces

           Critical educational policy that addresses current educational issues

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Cost: Free

Contact: Ross Toedte, Committee Chair