Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Degree Programs

Event Type: Lecture

Speaker Information: Bob Blankenberger, Eric Lichtenberger, and Allison Witt,

Join this talk by speakers Bob Blankenberger (interim associate vice chancellor for undergraduate education at the University of Illinois at Springfield), Eric Lichtenberger (deputy director for information management & research at the Illinois Board of Higher Education), and Allison Witt (director of the Office of International Programs and teaching assistant professor of Education Policy, Organization & Leadership) on dual credit/dual enrollment degree programs.

Using a comprehensive statewide dataset of the 2003 Illinois high school graduating class, they conducted a series of analyses to identify factors associated with higher rates of postsecondary enrollment and completion. Dual credit emerged as one educational intervention that was associated with increased likelihood of enrollment and completion.

Cost: Free

Contact: Jennifer Delaney