Fourth International CREA Confernece

Event Type: Conference/Workshop

The Center for Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment (CREA) cordially invites you to attend the 2017 Fourth International Conference scheduled for September 27-29, 2017 at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, Illinois with Pre-Conferences starting on Tuesday, September 26th.

The conference will once again convene a richly diverse interdisciplinary group of national, international, and indigenous scholars and practitioners to focus on the role of culture in evaluation and assessment. Once again we one more purposeful step in a collective effort to advance our thinking (as well as action) about the theory and practice of culturally responsive evaluation and assessment. 

This fourth international CREA conference builds on efforts of our previous three conferences in the pursuit of our mission to generate evidence to inform policy-making that is not only methodologically but also culturally and contextually defensible.  The CREA conference is unique in its definitive recognition of culture’s centrality to evaluation and assessment as it intends to illuminate the landscape of culturally responsive evaluation and assessment.

As was the case in our inaugural 2013 international conference, our 2014 and 2016, our 2017 international conference will  bring together an interdisciplinary group researchers, scholars, and practitioners  to inform, listen, and engage each other in this discourse within the context of our social responsibility to make a difference.

Sessions will focus on:

  • Program evaluation, measurement and assessment as sources of evidence
  • Challenging the status quo regarding whose evidence matters.
  • Cultural responsiveness as foundational to more equitable public policy.
  • Moving from evidence generation to advocacy and action.
  • Policies and practices of influence and consequence in the quest for social justice.
  • Ethical challenges in complex areas of inquiry; whose justice is advanced?
  • Evaluation, research, and assessment in indigenous cultures.

Cost: Fees Vary; See Conference Site for Pricing

Contact: Andrea Fierro, Administrative Aide217-333-2981