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Prospective Students

Jim Anderson with a group of students

Students come to EPOL to engage in collaborative research and teaching efforts with a nationally prominent and highly diverse faculty. These collaborations span areas of study within the unit, the College, the larger University and across the globe.

Finding New Approaches to Education

In EPOL, through our research and practice, we find new, multi-faceted approaches to education. We are training a new generation of scholars and leaders to better address long-standing and novel issues in educational policy and practice. We study the educational implications of the emergent knowledge-based, global economy; the growing diversity of America's schools and workplaces; ubiquitous learning; the cultural dimensions of global relations; the reform of educational organization and management structures; the transition of students from P-12 to postsecondary education systems; and the role of education in family life, corporate environments and the workplace, among other topics.

Online Program Options: An Established Leader

EPOL is also an established leader in delivering innovative Online & Off Campus Graduate Programs, allowing you to advance your career wherever you are.

To learn more about what your experience at ILLINOIS might be like as a student, visit the College's page for prospective students with links to information about Campus Life and more.