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Online Programs

Curriculum Technology and Education Reform (CTER) Online Master's Degree

CTER was created to serve practicing teachers and administrators with a focus on Curriculum, Technology, and Education Reform (CTER) . This online set of courses offers an opportunity to earn a coherent, high-quality master's degree online, with most of the interactions through personal computers and Internet connections at home or at local schools.

Human Resources Education (HRE) Online Master's Degree

HRE Online was established in 1998 and is one of the oldest 100% online graduate programs in the world. Offered through the Department of Human Resource Education, HRE Online provides a variety of learning opportunities within several areas of study.  Students can enroll in either the Global HRD Master degree program or the Community College Teaching and Learning Master degree or Professional Development Certificate program.

Global Human Resource Development Online

The Global HRD graduate program is designed for individuals currently working in or aspiring to HRD positions in either the private or public sector.  This program is focused on employee training and development, organization development, and the use of information and technology to improve individual and organizational performance.  Emphasis is placed on HRD leadership in both domestic and international settings.

Global Studies in Education

To help teachers engage with global issues affecting all our lives, the College of Education at the University of Illinois has developed a new Master of Education (Ed M) in Global Studies. The main aim of this new degree program is to assist K-12 instructors in incorporating global perspectives into existing curricula and pedagogies. The program in Global Studies in Education (GSE) is offered in an on-line form, with a range of opportunities for teachers to apply course ideas in their own classrooms.

Diversity and Equity in Education

The Diversity and Equity Masters Program gives students the opportunity to study the history and contemporary educational implications of diversity and difference in U.S. public schools.  Students interested in multicultural education, special education, as well as class, gender, and sexuality issues in school policy and practice will explore the theories, pedagogies, and policy analyses to help them construct lessons, curricula, and policy to make schools more equitable institutions.  

New Learning, New Literacies

’New learning’ is an approach to education that engages students as active designers and co-designers of their own knowledge. ’New literacies’ aims to expand learners’ meaning-making modes and capacities, and uses digital media to enhance student learning.


The Master of Education (Ed.M.) in Education Policy, Organization & Leadership (EPOL) with a concentration in eLearning from the University of Illinois can give you a broad and detailed understanding of the development, delivery and management of eLearning. A growing proportion of higher education is being delivered via the Internet because of widespread access and the potential for high quality interactive teaching. Universities, colleges, and community colleges are beginning to encourage their faculties and instructors to gain formal training in online pedagogies and technologies. Corporations are also increasingly relying on eLearning to educate, train, and motivate their employees, suppliers, and customers.