School Research Partnership System

  • Fall 2016: A new interactive web-based system is coming to facilitate the establishment of research partnerships between local K-12 schools and researchers from across the University of Illinois campus.
  • System access will be made available from this page, and will be widely announced.
  • System development is supported by the Bureau of Educational Research and the Associate Dean for Research and Research Education, College of Education, in collaboration with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research.
  • Thank you for your patience and cooperation!
  • NEW: School Research Partnership FAQ - last update 9/15/2016

Until direct System access becomes available, we invite you to contact the School Research Placement Partnership Team by email:

Email address:

All messages will receive prompt replies.

For Immediate Fall 2016 Assistance:
  • Prospective researchers needed to forming partnerships with local K-12 schools, please use the Partnership Request Form (below) to request assistance.
  • Researchers with ongoing school projects, please use the Partnership Request Form (below). We will use this information to share your plans with the partnering school district(s).
For General Assistance:
  • With our district partners, we are developing opportunities for university researchers to receive early feedback on their proposals for research project partnerships.
  • If you are a prospective researcher who does not need immediate Fall 2016 placement, we invite you to contact us by email for more information.
Partnership Request:

Please fill out the online form to submit a request. 

Please email the following listed below to:

  • A copy of your IRB application and approval
  • Any consent letters and questionnaires you plan to use in your research

Please note that this information is used only to help establish a research partnership. All projects must have obtained Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval before a partnership will be established. Please visit the Office for the Protection of Human Subjects website for more information.

School district personnel are cordially invited to direct researcher inquiries to us for information and assistance, by sharing a link to this page.