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Curriculum and Instruction

Our researchers in Curriculum and Instruction explore and innovate in areas of learning and content standards, the general curriculum, service learning, differentiated and culturally sensitive instruction, community-based programming, gifted education, literacy, and transition to adult roles.

Research & Scholarship Activities

Janet Gaffney

  • Literacy Leadership & Curricular Access for All; Qunicy, IL Public School District #172. (August, 2006)

Jim Halle

  • Penn State Subaward for TWA & PLANS
  • The Development of a Community-Wide Effort to Support People with Autism and Their Families...; Hope School (Nov., 2005)
  • Teaching Early Speech Via An Interactive Communication Device; Marks (Nancy Lurie) Family Foundation (December 2007)

Lisa Monda-Amaya

  • Project TIES (Preparing Teachers for Inclusive Education in Positive Schools); US Dept of Education (DoEd) (January, 2005)

James Shriner

  • IEP Quality Improvement: Research and Development of Web-based Decision Support; Inst of Education Sciences (June, 2006)

John Trach

  • Rehabilitation continuing education programs for providers of community rehabilitation services; US Dept of Education (DoEd) (October, 2006)
  • CRP-RCEP Coaching Seminar; OH Rehabilitation Services Commission (April, 2005)