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Learning and Behavior Specialist II (LBSII) - Graduate



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The Learning Behavior Specialist II (LBS II) Master’s Program includes the following areas of emphasis:

  • Multiple Disabilities Specialist


The Learning Behavior Specialist II (LBS II) Master’s Program is an advanced credential available to holders of the following standard or master licensures in Special Education:

  • Learning Behavior Specialist I (LBS I)
  • Teacher of Students who are Blind or Visually Impaired
  • Teacher of Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  • Speech-Language Pathologist

Thus, admission to the LBS II program is contingent upon initial licensure in Special Education. 

Students who enter an LBS II program must have met all standards associated with the initial licensure they hold. In addition, students may submit documentation of having met individual indicators and standards with LBS II programs. Examples of ways to have met standards for which documentation might be submitted include previous coursework, work and volunteer experience. The Department of Special Education will evaluate student’s documentation on an individual basis. If judged not to have met indicators or standards to the satisfaction of the Department, students will be required to take the courses or participate in the experiences listed on the corresponding LBS II matrix.

All students receiving a master’s degree in special education are required to complete the following core requirements:

Course Number:
Course Title:
Credit Hours:
SpEd 517
Disability Issues in SpEd
4 hours
SpEd 526Collaborative Leaders in SpEd4 hours

SpEd 591 A&B

Innovative Project/Research Methods6 hours
SpEd 524Supervised Practice in SpEd4 hours

Students must fulfill a minimum of 8 graduate hours.  Additional graduate courses will be selected with the student’s advisor from levels 1 and 2.  Possible courses can be seen below under Course Sequence in each specialty.


4 hours of Educational Psychology and 4 hours of Educational Policy Studies chosen from the following courses are required of all master’s students.
Course Number:Course Title:Credit Hours:

EPSY 400, 401, 402, 485

Educational  Psychology - Psychological Foundations of Learning2 hours

EPSY 404, 405, 406, 407, 430

Educational Psychology - Psychological Foundations of Personality and Development2 hours


Students planning to work with adults may take EPSY 407 to meet both of the above EPSY Foundation Requirements4 hours


EPSY 408 meets 4 hour EPSY Foundation Requirements4 hours
EPS 400, 402, 403, 404, 420, 421, 423, 424, 426Educational Policy Studies - Social Foundations2 hours
EPS 401, 410, 411, 412, 413, 414Educational Policy Studies - Philosophical Foundations2 hours

Credits and Waivers:  Any Masters degree in Special Education requires a minimum of 36 hours of coursework. Up to 8 hours of required coursework may be waived based on previous coursework. Such waivers will be negotiated with an advisor and a plan developed for meeting the LBS II requirements.  If waivers exceed two courses, additional courses must be selected to fill the 36 hours minimum requirement.  Such waivers will be done by a petition to the Department Curriculum Committee.

Course Sequence

A possible course sequence can be seen for each area of emphasis by clicking on the title below:

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