The Learning & Education Studies (LES) curriculum prepares individuals for positions in formal and non-formal learning and educational settings that do not require state licensure. Students interested in becoming a licensed teacher should consider applying for Elementary Education, Early Childhood, or Special Education. LES prepares students for a broad range of positions including training and program development, international schools, and other education-related positions in agencies, businesses, and government.

Admission Requirements

Sophomore level admission:

  • 28 hours by term of entry
  • Applicants must have at least a 2.0 Illinois and cumulative GPA at the time of application

Junior level admission:

  • 60 hours by term of entry
  • Applicants must have at least a 2.0 Illinois and cumulative GPA at the time of application

Highly Recommended:

  • PSYC 100
  • STAT 100
  • General Education Requirements in the following areas: HUM (2), NAT (2), SBS (1). Please consult the Course Explorer for a complete list of campus approved Gen Eds. 


Students applying at the junior level will select a concentration. LES offers three concentrations: Applied Learning Science, Educational Equality and Cultural Understanding, and Workplace Training and Development. Consult the LES Program of Study for details.

Applied Learning Science

This concentration probes the foundations and ideologies of learning, and the application of problem-solving skills in educational, business, and organizational contexts. The program concludes with a capstone course and research project with faculty mentorship.

Educational Equality and Cultural Understanding

This concentration investigates how education as an institution operates and recognizes the role of the field in enabling equality and cultural understanding in domestic and international settings.

Workplace Training and Development

This concentration focuses on creating, delivering, and evaluating training and development programs in workplace settings, businesses, post-secondary schools, or community and government agencies. An internship is a component of the program.

Digital Environments for Learning, Teaching and Agency

This concentration focuses on understanding, designing and implementing digital technologies that promote learning in a range of environments. The environments range from technology-enhanced classrooms to mobile devices and immersive virtual worlds, in schools, homes, museums and workplaces.