Iss Prac in Address Diversity Course examines multiple perspectives on and pedagogical responses to the historical diversity that has characterized United States education since its beginning. Course places particular emphasis on cultural issues, including the social construction and implication of race in contemporary society. Identity issues play a significant role as students examine the intersections of their biographies with those children in classrooms, especially in relation to classroom practices and the belief systems embodied in them. Developing concepts of racism (personal, cultural, and institutional) as well as of class and gender, are pivotal in response to agendas of privilege, equity, and justice. Culturally relevant practices are examined, as well as those developed in regard to differences in "ability" or in response to language and dialect differences. Course Information: 1 undergraduate hour. 1 graduate hour. Prerequisite: CI 448; admission to the Elementary Teacher Education Program.

Tchg Elem Social Studies Course examines the nature and role of social studies in elementary schools, both in terms of the formal curriculum and of the impact of the school as a social system on children's social learning. Examines multiple approaches to what should be experienced and learned in social studies as well as the nature of social inquiry. Various instructional methods emphasizing direct experiences as well as reading are emphasized. Local, state, and national trends in curriculum and evaluation are addressed. Students engage in social inquiry, as well as develop, implement, and evaluate an action research project focusing in depth on a particular practice of social education. Course Information: 3 undergraduate hours. 3 graduate hours. Prerequisite: Admission to the Elementary Teacher Education Program.

Prof Issues for Teachers Provides the basic common understanding of schools as social organizations and the professional role of teachers in public schools; analyzes selected legal issues relating to student rights, employment and teacher rights, and collective bargaining in schools; and serves as an introduction to instructional supervision, teacher evaluation, and continuing professional development of teachers. Course Information: 3 undergraduate hours. 1 graduate hour. Prerequisite: Admission into a teacher preparation program. 1 hour section requires concurrent enrollment in EDPR 432 or EDPR 442.

Alisha Lewis

Interim Director, University Primary School, Education Administration



98 Children's Research Center
51 E. Gerty
Champaign, IL 61820

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