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The College of Education Education Alumni Association has named five Distinguished Alumni Award winners for 2003.

All five winners will be formally honored in an April 5, 2003, ceremony in the Illinois Terminal building in downtown Champaign, Illinois. If you wish to learn more about the 2003 Distinguished Alumni, or to find out how to attend the ceremony, please contact Heather Nelson, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations for the College (, 217-244-7228).

During the same ceremony, the University of Illinois Alumni Association will be presenting Phyllis Wilkin, a 1967 graduate of the College and long-time EAA board member, with a Constituent Leadership Award for her active and continuing in the organization, management, and support of a Education Alumni Association.

Photos and short profiles of Wilken and the Distinguished Alumni follow. For more information about the Education Alumni Association, you can visit the Office of Development and Alumni Relations web page.

2003 Education Alumni Association Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Sandra Boileau
Henry Givens, Jr.
Sally Bulkley Pancrazio
Janice Seitz
Richard Swanson
Phyllis Anderson Wilken

Sandra Boileau, MA '63, ADV. '87
EAA Community College Administrator Award

Sandra Maxwell Boileau is a dedicated administrator in community college education and has contributed immensely to education as both a teacher and an administrator. Currently, she holds the position of Associate Vice President for Adult and Continuing Education at Parkland College in Champaign. According to a Parkland colleague, "Sandra has led initiatives in workforce development, literacy, and community education. She was instrumental in reorganizing our Continuing Education department so that diverse populations are better served. Among her many skills and accomplishments, Sandra's ability to work with people is unsurpassed. Sandra possesses a natural graciousness that puts people at ease and facilitates collaboration and cooperation. She is both well-respected and well-loved."

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Henry Givens, Jr., ME '61
EAA Administrator of Higher Education Award

Henry Givens, Jr. is a premiere figure in higher education administration having held the office of President of Harris-Stowe State College in St. Louis since it became a state institution in 1979. During his presidency at Harris-Stowe, Givens has helped the college to advance from offering one degree program to twelve as well as growing from one building to three with another three on the way.A colleague comments, "I can truly say, without any equivocation whatsoever, or fear of exaggeration, that Henry Givens, Jr. has been - and still is - one of our Nation's most energetic, visionary, and highly successful educational leaders. His has been a career of unique challenges and has been characterized by real and enduring leadership successes. For him, excellence, in all that one undertakes - whatever that undertaking might be - is an uncompromising goal that must be pursued unwaveringly."

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Sally Bulkley Pancrazio, Ed.D. '71EAA Significant Impact in Higher Education Award

Sally Bulkley Pancrazio has made an incredible contribution to higher education over the span of her thirty-year career. In 1993, Pancrazio was appointed Dean of the College of Education at Illinois State University. For eight years, she headed the largest teacher education faculty in Illinois. According to a colleague, "During her 18 years of successful administrative experience and progressively more responsibility, she provided the leadership to move a state agency from mere statistical collection of education data to decision-oriented research and then, to policy relevant research ... Illinois took the lead in the early school accountability movement and it was Dr. Pancrazio's administrative responsibility to oversee the development of the first school report cards ... she was one of the few state education agency leaders to serve on several national commissions and task forces examining these issues as part of the federal role in education."

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Janice Seitz, MA '87, Ph.D. '89EAA Significant Impact Award

Janice Seitz is a major force in youth development today having served for six years as Assistant Dean and Director for University of Illinois Extension 4-H Youth Development. In this role, she provided overall direction and long-range program development for the Illinois 4-H program. Seitz first served the University of Illinois as Director of the nationally recognized Leadership Development Program (LDP) from 1991-1997. According to a colleague, "Dr. Seitz managed an extremely high quality program that received consistently high ratings from students. LDP students often characterized her as the 'mother' of the program, which was meant in the most loving way. She treated her students with a mother's love and care and personally ensured that each gained personal and professional success. I can't overemphasize the degree of respect that LDP students held for Dr. Seitz. She was the reason the program was such a success."Seitz recently accepted the position of Associate Dean for Extension and Outreach and Director of Extension at the University of Delaware.

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Richard Swanson, Ed.D. '68EAA Professor Award

Richard Swanson has proven himself to be an accomplished educator, author and presenter in Human Resource Development (HRD) and Adult Education. Now internationally renowned for his work in human resource development, his extensive listing of publications, conference presentations, grants and contracts is truly astounding. A former student comments, "While I certainly learned a tremendous amount in his courses, I found the most value in his ability to engage me in higher levels of critical and creative thought. He had a knack for helping students question the content he was presenting and he challenged us to offer counter arguments. Professor Swanson's influence as an instructor extended well beyond the classroom." . He is currently a full professor at the University of Minnesota in Human Resource Development and Adult Education and is also the Director of the HRD Research Center in the College of Education and Human Development.

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Phyllis Anderson Wilken, BA '71, MA '73, ADV. '79
University of Illinois Alumni Association Constituent Leadership Award

As a life member of the Illinois Alumni Association, Phyllis Anderson Wilken is clearly committed to supporting the University of Illinois and its alumni. Phyllis has been an active member of the Education Alumni Association (EAA) Board of Directors for over ten years. Her roles on the board have included; Vice-President of Program Development, President-Elect and ultimately President. Phyllis now serves on the Senior Advisory Council for the EAA. Phyllis' career since leaving the University of Illinois is as follows: elementary school teacher; learning coordinator; principal; education specialist/consultant. Phyllis has authored two books and has provided more than 130 presentations at professional conferences and workshops. Just a few of her several honors and awards include: the University of Illinois Loyalty Award, Illinois 4-H Alumni Award; Delta Kappa Gamma Literacy Award; Outstanding Alumni Award, College of Education; National Association of Direct Institution Award for Administrator; YWCA Outstanding Educator Award and Outstanding Elementary Teacher in America.

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