College of Education Town Hall Meeting for the new Campus-wide Design Center

Quite recently, campus announced a major gift for a new building to house a campus-wide Design Center. Much work has gone into this project over the course of the past year—with participation from the College of Education. Campus now is offering us an extraordinary window of opportunity to provide collective input on this new facility.

The new Design Center—which will break ground very soon—is particularly significant to the College of Education for a number of reasons.

  • First, the iconic center itself will be built in our immediate neighborhood: right across 6th Street in the green field between Krannert Art Museum and the Business Instructional Facility.
  • Second, the Design Center will serve as a hub for a close-by "Design Complex," which will include College of Education space.
  • Third, the center will provide substantial and exciting opportunities to engage our undergraduate and graduate students, as well as our staff and faculty members, in design-based programs, learning, thinking, and problem solving.

The campus is moving at an accelerated rate toward beginning construction, so NOW is our opportunity to participate, vocally, in the design of the building and associated programs of study. We are inviting you to participate in a College of Education Town Meeting dedicated to soliciting and communicating your input to campus on the new Design Center. We strongly encourage you to attend!

Toward that end, we kindly ask that you:

  1. Read explanatory project materials posted at, where you will find:
  2. Project White Paper: This paper embodied the concept for the Design Center and was used to approach donors to secure a major gift for the building.
  3. Project and Program Summary: This document summarizes that work of the Design Center Executive Committee, Program Working Group, and Facility Working group. The document is intended to inform design specifications for the building, as well as the various programs of study and activities, which will be based in, or connected to the Design Center.
  4. A Project Update
  5. Building Spaces - Detailed Descriptions
  6. Architectural Sketches: These sketches and images provide a sense of the initial architectural designs and space conceptualization for the Design Center.
  7. Questions for you to consider when thinking about the new space. We will collect your input in discussion at our Town Meeting. Please note that your feedback at the Meeting need not be tied to these questions and could address any aspect of the new building and proposed programs and activities.

We look forward to seeing and hearing from you.

Fouad Abd-El-Khalick
Associate Dean for Research
Member, Design Center Program Working Group


Free and open to the public


Bureau of Educational Research