Undergraduate Research Symposium
The Macau students and UIUC students in the leadership class will be presenting their research projects in the Illini Union at the Undergraduate Research Symposium! See below for more details: 
Poster Sessions:
9:00-10:15 am 
South Lounge 
Group 1:  Sam, Chark, and Yan 
"A Cultural Comparison: Classroom Participation Structures" 
South Lounge 
Group 2:  Toni, Rebecca, and Jill 
"Superstitious!  Numerical taboos and their effects on our everyday lives!" 
Group 3:  Shelly and Michael 
"Why Americans prefer texting to other chatting Apps?" 
Illini Room A 
Group 4:  Vanessa, Eric, and Rise 
"Chinese and English Verbal Greetings- How are they different?" 
Group 5:  Shako, Elaine, and Jack 
"Differences in Eastern and Western Gift Giving" 
(Oral) Panel Presentations: 
Illini Union Room 209 
Group 6: Ted and Will 
"How Facebook Changes our Way of Sharing Information"