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Walsh, Daniel

Daniel Walsh


My past research projects have included: ethnographic studies of early schooling; studies of the schooling of marginalized young children; studies of culture and pedagogy; and the use of qualitative methodology, particularly with young kids. My current projects include ta book looking at cultural influences on practice in Japanese preschools; investigations of quality in early childhood programs; cross-cultural view of good pedagogy. more information...
Welton, Anjale

Anjale Welton

Assistant Professor

Anjalé D. Welton's scholarship examines the politics of equity in school reform and improvement. More specifically, she explores how K-12 leaders consider issues of equity when designing and implementing federal, state, and local policies. Dr. Welton is especially concerned about how shifting social-political contexts influence how school leaders dialogue about race and diversity in their school improvement decisions. Other research areas related to equity include college readiness and access, especially for students of color, and the role of student voice and activism in school improvement efforts. . more information...
Westbury, Ian

Ian Westbury

Professor Emeritus

Ian Westbury’s current program of research focuses on state-level curriculum-making and educational decision-making. He is completing a cross-national study of state-based curriculum-making in Illinois, Finland, Norway, Germany, and Switzerland and a study of the management of the NCLB supplemental services program by the Illinois State Board of Education. more information...
Willis, Arlette

Arlette Willis


My research interests are drawn from critical theory and applied to the history of literacy, trends and issues in reading research preservice literacy education. My research projects have focused on: the application of a critical pedagogy in preservice teacher education courses that use multicultural literature, the history of African American Literacy, and a critical history of literacy in the United States. My current projects include a naturalistic study of a critically framed preservice literacy course and a ethnohistorical study of the Calhoun Colored School. more information...
Witt, Allison

Allison Witt

Interim Director, Office of International Programs