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Li, J. Jessica

J. Jessica Li

Associate Professor

My primary of research focus can be summarized to two lines of research. One of the lines is to examine corporate learning strategies and practices in relationship to employee learning (formal or informal) and performance improvement in the workplace. The other line of research is to investigate the impact of recent economic reform on Chinese workforce and the implications for human resource development in the Chinese context. more information...
Light Shriner, Cheryl

Cheryl Light Shriner

Clinical Assistant Professor

Teaching functional communication skills to replace challenging behavior of children and adults with moderate to severe disabilities and/or autism. more information...
Lindgren, Robb

Robb Lindgren

Assistant Professor

My research examines theories and designs for learning within emerging media platforms (e.g., simulations, virtual environments, mobile devices, video games, augmented and mixed reality, etc.). I seek to understand how digital technologies can be used to construct new identities and generate new perspectives that lead to stronger comprehension of complex ideas in STEM content areas. My work investigates how physical, body-based interactions with learning content can facilitate new understandings, and how games and simulations can be effectively designinged to take these types of interactions as input. more information...
Loeb, Jane

Jane Loeb

Professor Emerita

Lubienski, Christopher

Christopher Lubienski


Chris Lubienski's research centers on public and private interests in education, including the use of market mechanisms such as choice and competition to improve schooling, especially for disadvantaged children. His work examines reforms and movements such as vouchers, charter schools, tuition tax credits, and home schooling that seek to decentralize and deregulate educational governance. He focuses on outcomes anticipated by reformers in areas such as increased innovation and higher levels of achievement, exploring the frequent disconnect between research findings and policy advocacy. more information...
Lubienski, Sarah

Sarah Lubienski


Dr. Sarah Lubienski's scholarship centers around intersections of education and equity, focusing on mathematics achievement, instruction, and reform. Through quantitative studies of NAEP and ECLS-K data, as well as qualitative studies of classrooms, she examines inequities in diverse students' mathematics learning experiences and outcomes. Dr. Lubienski has served as the chairperson of both AERA's NAEP Studies SIG and the Editorial Panel for the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education. more information...