Jennifer A. Delaney is an associate professor of higher education at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign (UIUC) in the Department of Education Policy, Organization and Leadership. She is a faculty affiliate with the Institute for Government and Public Affairs and the Forum on the Future of Public Education at UIUC. She is also a faculty affiliate with the Wisconsin Center for the Advancement of Postsecondary Education. In 2014, she served as a faculty fellow with the Illinois Board of Higher Education. From 2011-2014 she served as chair of the Council for Public Policy in Higher Education with the Association for the Study of Higher Education. Previously Dr. Delaney was an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, a policy analyst with the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, and the assistant staff director for research with the Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance. Her research focuses on higher education policy with an emphasis on finance. She holds a Ph.D. in higher education from Stanford University, an Ed.M. in higher education from Harvard University, and a B.A. in English from the University of Michigan.

Key Professional Appointments

Faculty FellowForum on the Future of Public Education, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2012 - present

Faculty AffiliateInstitute of Government and Public Affairs, University of Illinois, 2011 - present

Faculty AffiliateWisconsin Center for the Advancement of Postsecond, University of Wisconsin at Madison, 2009 - present

Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Education Policy, Organization and Leadership, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2009 - present

ChairCouncil for Public Policy in Higher Education, Association for the Study of Higher Education, 2011 - 2014

Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, University of Wisconsin at Madison, 2007 - 2009

ConsultantCommission on the Future of Higher Education, National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, 2005 - 2006

Policy Analyst, Research AssociateNational Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, 2003 - 2005

Assistant Staff Director for Research, Research AssociateAdvisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance, US Department of Education, 2000 - 2002


Ph.D., Higher Education Administration, Stanford University, 2007

M.Ed., Higher Education, Harvard University, 2000

B.A., English, University of Michigan, 1999

Awards, Honors, Associations

List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students, Fall 2014University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2014 - 2014

Faculty FellowIllinois Board of Higher Education, 2014 - 2014

2012 Scholarly Paper Award: Journal of Education FinanceJournal of Education Finance, 2012 - 2012

Teacher of the Year: Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, University of Wisconsin at MadisonDepartment of Educational Leadership and Policy AnalysisUniversity of Wisconsin at Madison, 2009 - 2009


Delaney, J., & Kearney, T. (2015) Guaranteed tuition policies and state general appropriations for higher education: A difference-in-difference analysis Journal of Education Finance 40 (4), 359-390

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Delaney, J. (2014) The role of state policy in ensuring opportunity to learn by promoting college affordability The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 655, 56-78 link >

Delaney, J. (2014) Issues in higher education: Student aid and student debt. Illinois Report 2014 University of Illinois, Institute of Government and Public Affairs: Urbana, IL link >

Delaney, J., & Doyle, W. (2014) State spending on higher education capital outlays Research in Higher Education 55 (5), 433-466 link >

Delaney, J., & Yu, P. (2014) Can the U.S. meet its college completion goals with the current tuition structure? Wisconsin Center for the Advancement of Postsecondary Education: Madison, WI link >

Yu, P., & Delaney, J. (2014) The spread of higher education around the globe: A cross-country analysis of gross tertiary education enrollments Educational Policy  link >

Delaney, J., & Yu, P. (2013) Policy innovation and tertiary education graduation rates: A cross-country analysis. Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education 43 (3), 387-409 link >

Delaney, J., & Yu, P. (2013) The role of tuition fees in the spread of higher education around the globe. Higher education in the global age: Policy, practice and promise in emerging societies Routledge: London, UK link >

Delaney, J. (2011) Earmarks and state appropriations for higher education Journal of Education Finance 37 (1), 3-23 link >

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Delaney, J., & Doyle, W. (2011) State spending on higher education: Testing the balance wheel over time Journal of Education Finance 36 (4), 343-368 link >

Doyle, W., & Delaney, J. (2011) Bouncebacks in higher education funding: Patterns in length of time to recovery following cuts in state appropriations. (WISCAPE Policy Brief).. University of Wisconsin–Madison: Wisconsin Center for the Advancement of Postsecondary Education (WISCAPE).: Madison, WI link >

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Delaney, J., & Doyle, W. (2007) The role of higher education in state budgets. State postsecondary education research: New methods to inform policy and practice Stylus Publishing: Sterling, VA link >

Doyle, W., Delaney, J., & Naughton, B. (2004) Institutions amplifying state policy: How public colleges award institutional aid Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning link >

Fitzgerald, B., & Delaney, J. (2003) Educational opportunity in America. Condition of access: Higher education for lower income sudents Oryx Press: Phoenix, AZ link >

Delaney, J., & Dharmapala, D.. "Pay it forward" and higher education subsidies: A theoretical model link >


Principal InvestigatorThe Impact of Guaranteed Tuition Policies on Postsecondary Tuition Levels: A Difference-in-Difference Approach, Association for Institutional Research, 2013 - 2014


Journal of Student Financial Aid Editorial Board MemberJournal of Student Financial Aid, 2013 - present

Research in Higher Education Consulting Editorial Board MemberResearch in Higher Education, 2012 - present

Journal of Education Finance Editorial Advisory Board memberJournal of Education Finance, 2009 - present


Organization of Higher Ed Examination of American higher education both as a system and as a field of study. Includes consideration of organizational patterns, stakeholders, governance, and the purposes of higher education. Class Schedule Information: Priority will be given to department majors.

Public Policy in Higher Ed Intended primarily for doctoral students in higher education, this course will enable students to analyze contemporary public policy issues confronting American higher education. Selected policy issues will be probed in depth, drawing upon scholarly sources and public reports. Students will comprehend the interaction and tension among higher education leaders, and local, state, and federal policymakers. Course Information: Prerequisite: EOL 571 or consent of instructor.

Jennifer Delaney

Associate Professor, Education Policy, Organization and Leadership



362 Education Building
1310 S. Sixth St.
Champaign, IL 61820

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