Education Policy, Organization and Leadership

Alexander, Kern Excellence Professor 217-333-0807
Anderson, James D. Head and Gutgsell Professor 217-333-7404
Barnett, Bernice Associate Professor 217-333-7658
Bragg, Debra Gutgsell Professor 217-244-8974
Brown, Ruth Nicole Associate Professor 217-333-2990
Burbules, Nicholas Gutgsell Professor 217-244-0919
Cope, Bill Professor 217-244-4157
Cordova-Wentling, Rose Mary PROF EMERITA
Delaney, Jennifer Associate Professor 217-333-7828
Dhillon, Pradeep Associate Professor 217-333-5236
Dixson, Adrienne Associate Professor 217-244-4741
Dunbar, Christopher Professor 217-333-0807
Dyson, Anne Haas Professor 217-244-5040
Feinberg, Walter Professor Emeritus 217-244-0151
Fortier, Priscilla Adjunct Professor 217-333-0807
Franklin, Kevin Research Professor 217-333-0807
Gallaher, James Executive Director of the Leadership Academy 217-333-0807
Ginsburg, Rebecca Associate Professor 217-265-6737
Grady, Rebecca Office Manager and Asst. to President Emeritus Ikenberry 217-265-5404
Hackmann, Donald Professor 217-333-0230
Herrera, Linda Professor 217-333-0807
Herrmann, Mary Clinical Assistant Professor 217-333-0807
Higgins, Chris Associate Professor 217-265-0480
Hixson, April Assistant Director, Online & Off-Campus Programs 217-333-0807
Hood, Denice Assistant Professor 217-244-1886
Huang, Wenhao David Associate Professor 217-333-0807
Hunter, Richard PROF EMERITUS
Ikenberry, Stanley Emeritus Regent Professor and President Emeritus 217-265-5409
Jacobs, Ronald Professor 217-244-1436
Jankowski, Natasha Assistant Director, NILOA 217-244-2155
Justice, Patricia Adjunct Assistant Professor 217-244-3328
Ketchum, Laura Business Manager I 217-333-2155
Kuchinke, Peter Professor 217-333-0807
Kuh, George Adjunct Professor, NILOA 217-333-0807
Lesht, Faye Adjunct Assistant Professor 217-333-3061
Li, Jessica Associate Professor 217-333-0807
Lubienski, Christopher Professor 217-333-4382
Mabokela, Reitumetse Vice Provost for International Affairs and Global Strategies
Mayo, Cris Professor 217-333-3673
McCarthy, Cameron Professor 217-244-4953
McIntosh, Michael Visiting Assistant Professor 217-333-0807
Oh, Eunjung Grace Assistant Professor 217-244-4458
Pak, Yoon Associate Professor 217-300-2819
Peters, Michael Professor Emeritus 217-333-0807
Pfoff, Jena Resource and Policy Analyst 217-333-7703
Pratt-Clarke, Menah Associate Professor 217-333-0807
Sloat, Linda Clinical Assistant Professor 217-244-6781
Span, Christopher Associate Professor 217-333-0807
Trent, William Professor 217-333-6153
Wang, Yimin LECTURER
Welton, Anjale Assistant Professor 217-333-0807
Zamani-Gallaher, Eboni Professor 217-300-0897

Journal of Educational Theory

Atkinson, Joyce Managing Editor 217-244-6583

Office of Community College Research and Leadership

Combs, Mark Project Coordinator 217-300-0458
Fox, Heather Program Coordinator at Pathways Resource Center 217-244-9390
Giani, Matt Research Assistant Professor 217-244-9863
LaSota, Robin Postdoctoral Research Associate 217-244-9390
Tonini-Larkin, Donna Research Specialist 217-244-9390
Yu, Hongwei Postdoctoral Research Associate 217-244-9390