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Reading Teacher Endorsement

The Reading Teacher Endorsement (RTE) requires 24 hours of specified course work and a passing score on the Illinois State Board of Education Reading Teacher or Reading Specialist test. It allows one to teach reading at the level of the license that s/he holds (early childhood, elementary, or secondary). It does not require a master’s degree or two years of prior teaching experience.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers courses for the Reading Teacher Endorsement. If coursework for the RTE is completed by the time an individual is being recommended by the University of Illinois for licensure, the University of Illinois will also recommend that the individual receive the RTE (i.e., someone who is being recommended for an elementary certificate and who has met the requirements for the endorsement as well). Otherwise, individuals who complete the RTE by taking University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign courses must apply to have the RTE added by transcript evaluation through the Regional Office of Education. 

Course Numbers and Titles for Reading Teacher Endorsement:

Courses in italics are offered online only.  

  • Foundations  in Reading (choose one):
    • CI 475 Teach Elem Rdg & Lang Arts I (or ISBE-approved equivalent)
    • CI 502 Introduction to Reading
    • CI 503 Reading Instruction, K-5 (cannot be counted for two areas)
    • CI 504 Reading Instruction, 6-12
  • Content-Area Reading (choose one):
    • CI 471 Princ Prac Foster Indep Rdg 
    • CI 472 Tchg Reading in Grades 4-12
    • CI 473 Literacy in Content Areas 
    • CI 503 Reading Instruction, K-5 (cannot be counted for two areas)
    • CI 582 Rdg and Wrtg Across the Curr
  • Literature Across Grades (choose one):
    • CI 467 Princ Tchg Lit to Child Youth (or ISBE-approved equivalent)
    • CI 567 Child Lit in the School Curr 
    • CI 568 Cont Classics in Child Lit
    • CI 585 Informational Children’s Lit 
    • CI 587 Multicultural Childrens Literature 

Required Sequence:

  • CI 575 Assess/Diag Reading Problems 
  • CI 576 Support Students Reading Prob 
  • CI 577 Clinical Practicum in Reading 

To reach the required 24-hours of RTE coursework, students may take additional courses from options listed in the choice groups above.  

To obtain a Reading Teacher Endorsement for middle grades 5-8, an individual must also complete the requirements for the Middle Grade Endorsement, which consist of the following courses:

  • EPSY 430: Early Adolescent Development 
  • CI 410: Middle School Instruction 
  • EPS 427: Philosophy of Middle School