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Graduate Programs and Admissions

Curriculum and Instruction attracts students from all over the world to engage in critical discussions around educating our diverse student populations. Here, practical experience meshes with research in a manner that promotes innovation, change and hope. Students in this department develop their passions, work with world-renowned faculty, and leave to make their mark on the world of education in lasting, meaningful ways.

Types of Degrees We Offer and Their Academic Requirements

The department of Curriculum and Instruction offers the following master's and doctoral study options.

Degree TypeGeneral College Requirements
Master of Education (Ed.M.)Ed.M. degree requirements
Master of Arts (M.A.),
Master of Sciences (M.S.)
M.A., M.S. degree requirements
Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS)CAS degree requirements
Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)Ed.D. degree requirements
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)Ph.D. degree requirements


The graduate program in C&I offers opportunities to gain in depth knowledge in particular disciplines related to research, teaching and teacher education. A student may specialize in one of three areas, called divisions:

Faculty who focus on particular topics and have expertise in one or many areas are associated with each division. At the time of applying to or upon acceptance to a graduate program, students are affiliated with a division. However, students may take courses in any or all of the division