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Language & Literacy Education

Our innovative graduate programs in Language & Literacy Education encourage students to explore both the broad issues facing language and literacy education today, and to delve deeply into one of more emphais areas through coursework and independent research. Students can focus on Bilingual/ESL education, Writing Studies, Early Literacy through Secondary English, or Children's Literature, and can receive endorsements in Bilingual/ESL or Reading.

Who Should Apply?

Most applicants possess a teaching license and have completed a minimum of two years of full-time PK-12 teaching experience. All applicants must submit a written statement with their application, noting their career plans and describing how a degree in Curriculum & Instruction with an emphasis in Language & Literacy Education would support their advancement in their career.

Highlighted Courses

Breadth Courses:
CI 590 Introduction to Language Studies in Education
CI 560 Trends and Issues in Language Arts
CI 562 Linguistics in the School Curriculum
CI 570 Issues and Trends in Reading
Depth Courses:
Bilingual Education and Linguistic Diversity:
CI 415 Language Varieties, Cultures, and Learning
CI 433 Foundations of Bilingual Education
CI 446 Culture in the Classroom
CI 477 Bilingual & ESL Methods and Materials
CI 517 Bilingual and ESL Assessment
CI 578 Biliteracy Development of Young Children
CI 584 Theories in Second Language Acquisition
CI 590 Second Language Literacy
Children’s and Adolescent Literature:
CI 467 Principles of Teaching Literature to Children and Youth
CI 567 Children’s Literature in the School Curriculum
CI 578 Multicultural Children’s Literature
CI 585 Informational Children’s Literature
Elementary and Secondary Literacy:
CI 471 Principles and Practices to Foster Independent Reading
CI 472 Teaching Reading in Grades 4-12
CI 473 Literacy in Content Areas
CI 575 Assessment in Reading
CI 576 Assessment-Based Reading Instruction
CI 577 Clinical Practicum in Reading
CI 582 Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum
CI 561 Theory and Practice in Children’s Composition
CI 563 Writing Studies I
CI 564 Writing Studies II CI 565 Topics in Research and Writing
CI 566 Topics in Writing Pedagogy and Design
CI 569 Topics in Discourse and Writing
CI 582 Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum