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Resources for Current Students

Are you wondering what the requirements are for your degree program? Do you have questions about what forms are required to progress through your degree program? Click on the lists below to find the information you need.

College of Education's Resources for Current Students

C&I Resources for Current Students:

This link takes you to a resource where you can search for dissertations and articles.  Click on "Dissertation Abstracts / Digital Dissertations".  May only work when connected on a UIUC networked computer. 
Requirements for Degree Programs
This link provides information on degree requirements and Policies of the College of Education Graduate Programs.
Office of Clinical Experiences
This link provides information on student teaching and state requirements for teacher licensure.
Council on Teacher Education
This link provides information about state requirements for teacher licensure.
Graduate College
Financial Aid Information

Doctoral (Ph.D.) Student Degree Requirement Information:

Degree Requirements
Early Research Requirement form
Research Specialization Information - Research Specialization FORM
Qualifying Exams - Qualifying Exam Scheduling FORM
Preliminary and Final Exam Scheduling Form
Curriculum and Instruction Termination and Leave of Absence Policy for Doctoral Students

Deadlines and Academic Calendars

Registration Deadlines - Review this link for registration deadlines
Refund Schedule
Thesis Office Deadlines - Review this link for Graduation Deadlines
Academic Calendars - Review this link for Campus Holidays, Final Exams, etc.