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Bureau of Educational Research

Bureau of Educational Research
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The Bureau of Educational Research fulfills a broad mission of enriching the research culture for faculty and students in the College of Education by supporting interdepartmental or interdisciplinary collaboration; nurturing faculty research, especially for those who are at critical passages in their careers; and grant writing and liaisons with funding agencies.

To accomplish this mission, the Bureau works with faculty to secure research funding, including supporting grant proposal writing and proposal submissions, and also helps coordinate the placement of campus research projects in schools in collaboration with the Center for Education in Small Urban Communities.

New in August 2014

  • There is new information for projects that need to start at the beginning of school in the local school districts. We have added a summer submission for you but you must be ready to go on day one. Click here for more information.
  • The Bureau has compiled a list of frequently asked questions specific to the proposal submission process for the College of Education.  Click here to review the document for baseline information on proposal development, proposal submission, and campus procedures.