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Laurie Andrews


EDPR 250: School & Community Experiences (EDPR 250) Early field experiences in teacher education, including observation and laboratory experiences in public schools: designed to provide opportunities for career exploration, professional orientation, the development of insight into the interrelationship of theory and practice, and the place of the student in the educational process.

EDPR 420: School Access & Supports (EDPR 420) Field experience providing supports and services to students with or at risk for disabilities. 2 to 12 undergraduate hours. 2 to 12 graduate hours. Approved for S/U grading only. May be repeated for up to a total of 18 hours, 12 of which may be taken in the same term.

SPED 426: Collaboration and Teaming (SPED 426) Course is designed to provide participants with the information needed for effective collaboration and interactive teaming. Participants will learn effective models of collaboration and consultation, team member roles and responsibilities, collaborative practices for participating on teams, and strategies for securing appropriate resources for students with disabilities. Emphasis is placed on skills necessary for working collaboratively with parents, teachers, and other service providers.

SPED 440: Instructional Strategies I (SPED 440) Course is designed to provide participants with information on effective instructional practices for working with students with disabilities. Participants are provided with information on generic strategies and principles of learning, instructional formats and strategies for informal assessment. Throughout this course emphasis is placed on methods and strategies for instructing individuals and groups of students. Important consideration is given to legal and ethical issues and an understanding of diverse needs in instructional design and delivery.

SPED 517: Disability Issues in Special Education (SPED 517) Overview of special education at the graduate level. Focus is placed on issues related to: assessment, identification, and characteristics across all disability areas. The greatest emphasis is placed on strategies for including students with disabilities in the general curriculum. Historical and legal perspectives that provide the foundation for special education are discussed.

SPED 524: Supervised Practice in Special Education (SPED 524) Supervised practice in one or more settings in which students with disabilities are served; practicum settings may include day, residential, special, and regular schools which serve students with disabilities.