Research & Service

My research interests focus on the following areas:

- Global Studies in Education
- Comparative and international education;
- Internationalization of Higher education;
- Cultural globalization and education policy;
- Postcolonial theories of identity, representation and education;
- Global inequalities and educational policy; and
- International student mobility.

More recently, I have begun working on Indian higher education and the ways in which it is engaging with the challenges of globalization and the knowledge economy.


Kenway, J., Epstein, D., Koh, A., McCarthy, C., Rizvi, F., & , .. Multi-sited global ethnography and elite schools: a methodological entrée. Handbook of Ethnography and Education, Wiley.. Wiley: London


Principal Investigator National Resource Center for Global Studies, U.S. Department of Education (Center for Global Studies), 2003 - 2006

Fazal Rizvi

PROF EMERITUS, Education Policy, Organization and Leadership



351 Education Building
1310 S. Sixth St.
Champaign, IL 61820

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