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Students and faculty in Curriculum Research, Early Childhood Education, Aesthetics, and Teacher Education (CREATE) program prepares scholars willing to engage deeply with curriculum research and development, the complexities of early childhood education systems, perspectives on aesthetic issues, and the ever-changing realm of teacher education. CREATE faculty support and encourage a wide variety of interdisciplinary perspectives.

  • The PhD degree is ideal for students with a masters in early childhood education, social studies education, and fine/applied arts education (or related fields) and are interested in pursuing research at the doctoral level. This degree is also intended for students with a range of classroom and/or educational research experiences who are interested in curriculum development, teacher education, and issues of social justice at all levels of education.
  • The Masters degree is ideal for current teachers and other education professionals who wish to advance their impact on education.

CREATE students are able to work with scholars within the program and across campus to study complex problems through a variety of methodologies.

Programs Offered

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