The Future of Study Abroad Programs
November 12th, 8 pm (CST)
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Fall 2020 Schedule

8 pm every Thursday

Global Cafe is an online space for undergraduate students, graduate students, international students, and scholars to meet each other and share their lives during the pandemic. For the past sessions, please click here to access the recordings. 

September 17th: How we survive: Practices across culture

September 24th: the U.S. Presidential Election

October 1st: the Covid-19 and the Economy

October 8th: Freedom of Speech, Protests, and Democracy

October 15th: Global Education Symposium

October 22th: Distance Learning Technology

October 29th: Re-Imagining Globalization after Pandemic

November 5th: The U.S. Election Reflections

November 12th: The Future of Study Abroad Programs