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The College of Education envisions a future in which educational opportunities exist for everyone regardless of race or income; where an abundance of outstanding teachers inspire and empower students of all ages; and where new technology and teaching methods transform learning. Together, we can tackle whatever challenges the future holds.



Our Giving Priorities

Providing scholarship support for talented undergraduate students and fellowships for graduate students allows the College to fulfill its mission in developing national leaders by recruiting and supporting top students who reflect and embrace the diversity of the communities they will serve.

College of Education Scholarships

Support our ability to conduct groundbreaking research and teach the next generation of education leaders by retaining and recruiting the best faculty in the world. Contact Lisa Denson-Rives, Assistant Dean for Advancement to discuss opportunities to fund named professorships and chairs in our four departments.


Faculty Scholars

Innovative classroom technology will allow students to study and implement new tools for use in their own classrooms and educational settings. And graduate students and faculty will be able to research and invent new methods and products and build partnerships with companies who want to harness evidence-based research in the learning sciences. 

EdTech, Learning Sciences

Help us provide professional development to our local school districts and reach more communities, students, and families by supporting our centers and initiatives.


Support Outreach


Your support ensures that we remain a leader in education.


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So far, we have raised $14,210,990 of our $25 million campaign goal thanks to the help of donors like you.


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