The curriculum at University Primary School is child-sensitive and responsive to individual patterns of growth, development, learning, and interests. Children have many opportunities to make choices about their own learning. See Curriculum Overview. The curriculum incorporates the Project Approach (Katz & Chard (2000) and is emergent and generative forming dynamic opportunities for learning. Project Investigations are responsive to the interests, abilities, and learning styles of the students and teachers. Teachers guide students through project investigations by following phases articulated by Katz & Chard (2000).

The Three Phases of the Project-Approach

Phase I – To Assess What They Know
          Recalls past experiences
          Represents memories of topic

Phase II - To Acquire New Information
          New first-hand experiences
          Pursue data gathering
          Predict, theorize, hypothesize
          Formulate new questions

Phase III - To Share What They Have Learned
          Share understanding of topic

Studying Construction and Exploring Communication were two topics that students in the K/1 classroom “uncovered” during the 2000-01 academic year.


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