EDUCATION AT ILLINOIS is a technology-forward College in a technology-forward University. Our advanced classrooms for learning and research exemplify the kinds of innovation made possible through the collaborative efforts of education faculty and local technology experts.

Get to know your partners in innovation.

Jeremy has been bringing the latest technology to the College since 2002. Jeremy provides leadership and expertise to the staff in User Services and is responsible for classroom renovations.

Bob provides digital video services to faculty and staff in the College. Services include classroom capture, live streaming and MOOC production. He started as technical consultant and is our lead digital content producer.

Sarah provides course management support such as Moodle, Canvas and Collaborate. She started at the College as an undergrad and stayed on as our lead technical support for online courses.

Bryan makes sure the college's web sites and other technology-related communications solutions effectively serve the college's ability to recruit the best students and faculty, and to raise the profile of the college.

Michael is a data wizard -- and one of the friendliest guys you'll meet. Michael's considerable skillset is employed to help the college implement technology solutions effectively and quickly and to help answer tough data-related questions about the business of the College.

Elaine provides administrative support and supervision, handles purchasing of all equipment, and property accounting processes. She has been with the College in some capacity since 1995.