Early Field Experience Information


Electronic Observation PowerPoint Help for Supervisors {Please review this PowerPoint before using the electronic observation form}

Using Danielson with Student Teachers

Full Rubrics for the Danielson Framework for Teaching (Just added!)

Danielson Reflection Log and Box Instructions

Supporting Candidates through edTPA

Secondary Student Teaching Handbook

EDPR 442 Takeover Guidelines

Spring 2018 EDPR 442 Calendar

EDPR 442 Clinical Observation Form

Pre Conference Form {PDF file- SAVE AS first, then open Adobe to edit saved file}

Pre Conference Form {Word Version}

Post Conference Form

Post Conference Form {Word Version}

Open Ended Observation Form {save to desktop and edit. This form is a saveable pdf}

CoTE Student Teaching Mid-Term/Final Evaluation Form {Log-in to CoTE Portal, click edit to complete form/ click view to print form}

Recommended for Licensure form {Save to desktop, complete, and email to SCE}

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