Middle Grade New Admit PPT

Middle Grade Professional Sequence

Illinois Professional Teaching Standards (IPTS)

Danielson Framework for Teaching Manual

Danielson Framework for Teaching Summary Grid

Full Rubrics for the Danielson Framework for Teaching (Just added!)

Dispositions of Pre-Service Teachers

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CoTE Early Field Experience Evaluation {EXAMPLE ONLY, Actual Form on Portal}

CI 410 (Year 1 Fall)

CI 410 Early Field Experience Activities

CI 410 Lesson Plan Template

CI 410 Lesson Observation Form

CI 410 Classroom Environment Field Observations

CI 410 Final Field Experience Reflection Paper

CI 401 INFORMATION* (Year 1 Spring)

*CI 401 is only taken by Middle Grade candidates earning a Math Endorsement.

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EDPR 442 Student Teaching
Takeover Guidelines
Danielson Documents
Observation Form
Conference Forms

Pre Conference Form {PDF file- SAVE AS first, then open Adobe to edit saved file}

Pre Conference Form {Word Version}

Post Conference Form

Post Conference Form {Word Version}

Evaluation Forms
CoTE Student Teaching Mid-Term/Final Evaluation Form {Log-in to CoTE Portal, click edit to complete form/ click view to print form}
Required Training

Criminal Background Check: {Through CoTE; complete prior to first clinical placement & prior to Student Teaching}

Bloodborne Pathogens Training: {Through CoTE; complete prior to Year I Fall & Year II Fall clinical placements}

Safety Training Instructions: {Through CoTE; complete prior to first clinical placement}

Mandated Reporter Training: {Through CoTE; complete prior to first clinical placement}

General Forms

Job Search Tools

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