EDPR 250 EL is the second of four classroom placement experiences for elementary education majors.

The placement has the following main goals:

  • Developing and supporting collaborative abilities in pre­service candidates;
  • Removing the isolation often associated with teacher training viewed as apprenticeship, allowing candidates to work with multiple mentors across multiple classrooms;
  • Supporting cooperating teacher teams to design and to integrate small groups of students in classroom activities through co-teaching, peer evaluation, differentiation of learning tasks, and other student support strategies;
  • Allowing candidates to put into practice some of the methods they are learning in their courses during the semester;
  • Strengthen partnerships between university methods instructors, cooperating teachers and candidates

The following resources are meant to support pre-service candidates, cooperating teachers and university instructors throughout this placement experience. Follow the links below for more information.

EDPR 250 Handbook

What is the placement schedule for EDPR 250?

What is the attendance policy for this placement? 

How should candidates rotate among classrooms?

What types of projects and assignments will be expected of the candidates?

How many lesson observations do the candidates need?

What is the role of a faculty mentor?

What is required at the end of the semester?