Image of Center for Culturally Responsive Evaluation & Assessment

CREA generates evidence for policymaking that is methodologically, culturally, and contextually defensible.

Image of Center for Education in Small Urban Communities

The Center is a research, service, and outreach unit that offers professional development and serves as the liaison for school-university partnerships. 

Image of Early Childhood & Parenting Collaborative

The Early Childhood Collective at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has a wealth of valuable resources that can help you learn more about important topics affecting young children and families in Illinois.

Image of Education Justice Project

EJP is a vibrant community of students and educators who are committed to expanding higher education within American prisons.

Image of Forum on the Future of Public Education

The Forum provides empirical evidence to policymakers and the public and disseminates information on key questions facing P-20 education.

Image of Illinois Learning Sciences Design Initiative (ILSDI)

ILSDI is a campus-wide effort led by the College of Education to break ground with one of the New Strategic Investment Initiatives outlined in the Visioning Future Excellence at Illinois Outcomes Report (2013).

Image of Illinois New Teacher Collaborative

INTC is a statewide group of educational stakeholders at the forefront of providing leadership for promoting new teacher induction and mentoring.

Image of National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment

NILOA helps faculty and staff in academic programs and institutions productively use assessment data.

Image of Office of Community College Research & Leadership

OCCRL studies policies, programs, and practices designed to enhance education outcomes for diverse youths and adults.

Image of Office of Mathematics, Science & Technology Education

MSTE enhances student achievement and teaching performance in the fields of mathematics, science, and technology.

Image of Pathways Resource Center

PRC provides resources and supports to secondary and postsecondary institutions, employers, communities, and other partners.

Image of University Primary School

UPS is a lab school where children use The Project Approach to engage in creative, challenging, and meaningful curricular inquiries.