LDL: Bilingual/ ESL Education (BESL) provides teachers with a better understanding of key teaching strategies to support multilingual students in their classroom. Educators interested in earning their master's degree along with their bilingual endorsement will have the opportunity to learn how to create more engaging learning environments by integrating new media technologies for all students regardless of language. Students will learn research-based curricular. and instructional strategies including the use of new digital media to effectively teach students for whom English is a Second Language. For Illinois educators looking to achieve an endorsement only for their professional educator license, be sure to check out the Bilingual/ESL Endorsement program. 

    Who should apply

    Educators in PK-16 who want to:

    • Understand the linguistic & cultural basis of teaching bilingual students
    • Learn to effectively teach bilingual students using the latest educational technologies
    • Develop curriculum and instructional practices that are responsive to all students in the classroom

    Programs Offered

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