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Educators agree that the resources currently invested into education are not sufficient to produce satisfactory outcomes for today's economy, society and for a large proportion of its citizenry. Economists agree that applying more private or public resources to education will provide greater employment and general economic multiplier effects than almost any other investment.

However, not all educational investments are the best educational investments. In this moment of tremendous change, investing in old ways of doing education may not be the best way to use hard-won personal and public resources.

Initiated by experts in the College of Education, at the University of Illinois, this Charter outlines a ten point plan for doing things differently—and better—in education. The document is both idealistic and pragmatic. Its vision is nothing less than a transformative one. However, for each of our agenda items, we suggest ways in which the transformations needed are practicable and achievable.

This Charter is a response to the momentous and turbulent changes of our time— a time when we need more education, everyone agrees, but as we argue here, not more of the same.

We recognize the role education plays in providing a foundation for economic prosperity and social well-being. There is an urgent need to revitalize the bricks and mortar infrastructure.

More broadly and deeply, we need to create the human capital needed for America's economic growth and broader development in vastly different conditions to those of the twentieth century, when our schools of today were created and our teachers of today were trained. Our education system requires nothing less than a transformation if it is to serve our social and economic needs into the future.

The University of Illinois has a proud history of innovation in education. In this spirit, we propose a set of strategies for this critically important moment. On the back of this overview we define "Action Areas" with specific steps to achieve the transformation.