Study Abroad in Scandinavia!

Summer 2018


Finland & Sweden

Finland has been called an education miracle. Sweden also continues to rank among the top performing schools in the world. Visit schools from across the region to learn first-hand from schools that serve diverse communities in urban, small urban and even remote rural villages as far as the Arctic Circle.

This program will be split into two separate program dates in May and June. You will be asked to specify which trip (either A or B) you wish to join upon acceptance. Each trip is approximately 3 weeks (1.5 weeks in Sweden, 1.5 weeks in Finland). See below for details, or contact Allison Witt ( with any questions. 

*This program is associated with a full-credit 8 week online course. There will be six weeks of class prior to the trip, and two weeks post-trip. Please be aware of this when committing to the program and realize that there will be various readings and assignments due throughout the course, as well as a final project at the end.* 

3 Credit Hours (Undergraduate)
4 Credit Hours (Graduate)

Dates (Trip A): May 15th - June 3rd, 2018
Dates (Trip B): May 26th - June 13th, 2018
Cost: $4500
Included: Airfare, housing, most meals, lectures, airport transfer, ground transport, tourist activities.

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The College of Education will provide qualified students with a $500 scholarship for studying abroad.

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