Study Abroad in Italy!

Spring Break 2018
March 17th - March 25th

During this 2018 spring break study abroad trip, participants will visit Rome, Venice, and Verona in Italy.  We will take you to visit classrooms in Verona, Italy and learn from the cultural and educational perspectives of Italian students and teachers. We will also meet up with the semester study abroad students and teach abroad students from the College of Education in Verona! 

*This program is associated with a full-credit 6 week online course. There will be four weeks of class prior to the trip, and two weeks post-trip. Please be aware of this when committing to the program and realize that there will be various readings and assignments due throughout the course, as well as a final project at the end.* 

3 Credit Hours (Undergraduate)
4 Credit Hours (Graduate)

Cost: $3000 (final cost TBA) 
Includes: Airfare, ground travel, accommodations, lectures, tourist activities, most meals 

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The College of Education will provide qualified students with a $500 scholarship for studying abroad.

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